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Steel castings

Specialists in the production of steel castings. Fonderia Augusta is specialised in the production of high-grade steel and special alloy castings. It produces steel sand castings in accordance with client designs and in a wide range of shapes, with an individual item weight of up to more than 4 tons.

Steel casting production

The steel foundry has consolidated and celebrated experience in the production of pump and valve casings, impellers, diffusers and bearing housings, as well as many other components for the mechanical industry. Fonderia Augusta collaborates with numerous sectors including water treatment, energy, chemicals, oil & gas, naval, transport, paper, and dredging. It produces castings in carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex and super-duplex steels, martensitic steels, low-alloy steels, nickel-based steels and a number of wear-resistant cast iron grades.

Fonderia Augusta supplies raw, rough machined and finish machined castings, thanks to the company’s collaboration with certified machine shops.

The foundry carries out NDT (non-destructive tests) in accordance with order specifications and castings are then supplied with all the necessary certification.

Steel castings are usually supplied in small and medium-sized production batches. According to the size and type of the item, it is possible to request a single steel casting as a sample.


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Industries served

Fonderia Augusta produces steel castings with complex shapes for the oil & gas, water, petrochemical, chemical, marine, energy, mechanical, hydraulic, pulp and paper, railway and transport, construction, drilling and mining, compressor, dredging, filter, industrial magnet, engineering, and machinery construction sectors. Over the years, it has gained experience in the production of steel castings for components for the construction of pumps and valves, in particular for the water, wastewater and desalination, energy, oil & gas, chemical, cellulose and paper, marine, offshore engineering, and naval industries. The castings produced (including pump bodies, valve bodies, supports, covers, diffusers, impellers, filters) can vary in weight, ranging from just a few kilos to over 4 tons, according to the shape of the casting.

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