Fonderia Augusta is specialised in the production of small and medium batch steel and special alloy castings. We manufacture steel sand castings in accordance with the customer’s projects in any shape and geometry, up to a maximum of 3,000 kg of raw casting.

According to the type of ordered casting, it is possible to request the production of a single casting for sampling.

We have gained an extensive experience in the production of impellers, pumps, valves for the Oil&Gas and Hydraulic industries, and we make many parts for the Mechanical Industry, the Marine and the transportation sectors. We make carbon steel castings, stainless steeel castings,high and exotic alloy castings that can be supplied raw,pre-machined or finished by mechanical processing, according to customer requests.

Oil & Gas

Energy & Fluids

Mechanical Industry

Naval and Transport

Alloys and materials

Our Alloys

We manufacture on a daily basis alloys of the following families:

  • Nickel base
  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex and super duplex stainless steel
  • Low alloy steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Wear-resistant cast iron

The steels most commonly produced and requested by the marketare supplied according to ASTM standards and European Standards.

  • WCB - ASTM A216 specification / 1.0619 - EN 10213 specification
  • LCB - ASTM A352 specification / 1.6220 - EN 10293 specification
  • CF8M - ASTM A743-A351 specification / 1.4408 - EN 10283 specification
  • CF3M - ASTM A743-A351 specification / 1.4409 - EN 10283 specification

Our Materials

Fonderia Augusta has also acquired significant experience in the production of the following materials:

  • Duplex GR4A - ASTM A995-A890 specification / 1.4470 - EN 10283 specification
  • Super duplex GR5A - ASTM A995-A890 specification / 1.4469 - EN 10283 specification
  • CK3MCUN (SMO 254) - ASTM A351 specification / 1.4557 - EN 10283 specification
  • CW12MW (HASTELLOY C) - ASTM A494 specification
  • N12MV (HASTELLOY B) - ASTM A494 specification
  • CA6NM - ASTM specification A487-A743 / 1.4317 - EN 10283 specification

Fonderia Augusta is able to produce any other alloy specifically requested.

Castings are provided with quality certificates, in accordance with customers’ requests.

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