Production of Industrial pump components

Fonderia Augusta has been collaborating for more than twenty years with a wide range of international leaders in the production of pumps for the water, wastewater, energy, desalination, oil & gas, pulp and paper, marine and offshore engineering sectors, to name but a few. Over the years, the company has further widened its production of steel castings for the industrial pump sector, producing steel castings with alloys chosen in accordance with the requirements of the specific application and the mechanical and metallic properties requested. Fonderia Augusta produces steel casting components and pump bodies for volumetric pumps, centrifugal pumps, multistage pumps, axial pumps and vertical pumps. Once quality inspections and non-destructive tests have been passed, the pump bodies, single or double volute casings, bearing housings, impellers and other components can be fully machined and rendered ready for assembly, or supplied raw or rough machined, in accordance with client requests.
Impellers and diffusers
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