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Fonderia Augusta, in the production of steel sand castings, works in cooperation with many international leaders for the production of pump bodies in more than 300 steel alloys. Particularly, the foundry cast in stainless steel, special alloys, duplex and super-duplex, carbon steel, martensitic and austenitic steel, from just a few kilos to a raw casting weight of more than 4 tons. The production of steel castings in Fonderia Augusta isn’t limited to pump and valve components, impellers, diffuser, and bearing housings, but includes also steel components and casings for compressors. Among steel castings produced for this industry, production ranges from positive displacement compressors, like reciprocating and lobe rotary compressors, to centrifugal ones included in the dynamic compressor branch. The steel foundry cast bodies, casings, cylinders, covers, pistons in small and medium-sized production batches. Castings can be inspected with Non-Destructive Examinations, such as Liquid Penetrant Tests, Magnetic Particle Tests, Radiographic Examinations, Ultrasonic Testing. Fonderia Augusta can supply machined finished, raw or rough machined castings according to customers’ requests.
Steel Casting Volute for Centrifugal Compressor
Steel Casting Rotary Lobe Compressor
Steel Casting Double Effect Cylinder
Steel casting Compressor Piston
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