Production of industrial valve components

The majority of companies producing valves for the oil & gas industry and exporting from Italy on a global scale are located in the Lombardy area, and in particular in the province of Bergamo. Fonderia Augusta, positioned at the heart of this excellent industrial district, has collaborated with important valve manufacturers since the very beginning. The steel foundry casts bodies, covers, actuator housings and other valve components from client-supplied patterns for the construction of globe valves, ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves and top-entry valves. In some cases, through client-supplier partnerships, Fonderia Augusta has played an active role in the re-designing of a number of valves with the aim of reducing the overall weight of components and improving quality, resulting in more efficient casting. Contact our engineers to propose a project. Valves can be supplied raw, rough machined or fully machined and accompanied with any specified quality inspections or non-destructive tests.
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