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Steel castings

Fonderia Augusta is specialized in the production of steel castings. Generally supplied in small and medium series, steel castings range from a few kg up to over 4 tons in weight. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the foundry process, steel castings can be produced in multiple dimensions and even in very complex geometries. The steel castings are always made according to the customer’s design and, based on the type and size of the piece, it is possible to request the supply of a single steel casting as a sample.

Steel castings and special alloy castings

Fonderia Augusta is a family business specialized in the production of steel castings that’s active in the area, with passion, since 1970. Fonderia Augusta has technical proficiency in more than 300 steel alloys: this is why the foundry can respond promptly to all customer’s needs.

The steel castings made by Fonderia Augusta can be supplied raw, rough machined or finished machined castings and accompanied by quality certificates. Thanks to the highly specialized staff and the latest generation machinery, Fonderia Augusta produces quality steel castings for many leading companies in the pump and valve sectors, even for critical environments.


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Fonderia Augusta: values

Fonderia Augusta has based its success on passion, commitment and people. The quality of steel castings, special alloys and mechanical processing is possible thanks to the commitment of each and everyone. Transparency and honesty are the values on which Fonderia Augusta has founded relationships with customers and suppliers. Over the years, this commitment has allowed building partnerships based on trust and collaboration.

Innovation is at the heart of Fonderia Augusta's approach. For the production of quality steel castings, Fonderia Augusta has invested and it continues to invest, paying particular attention to people and the environment. Furthermore, thanks to the intrinsic circularity of the foundry production process, the company produces castings in steel by reusing steel materials that have reached the "end of life" phase. This circular economy process allows production waste to be re-used in creating new products, reducing the overall environmental impact.

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