A rational production process with cutting-edge plants and machinery enable us to satisfy the needs of each customer with efficiency and flexibility. The plants, network linked and equipped with PLC, are effectively managed and monitored by remote control.

Production cycle


We entrust the construction of new patterns and the modification of existing ones to selected, reliable suppliers. We use patterns in wood, resin, aluminium and polystyrene. Our pattern warehouse manages over 5,000 codes.


Fonderia Augusta is equipped to make cores by both shell-moulding and cold box processes. Moulding with flasks is carried out on two lines - one semi-automatic and one manual - with 6 and 15 ton/h mixers. The use of sodium silicate as a binder allows for better quality carbon steel castings and no surface contamination of low-carbon materials, ensuring reduced environmental impact and protection of workers’ health.


The assembly stage involves cores positioning and moulds closing. This stage ends with the automated storage of the moulds in an underground deposit able to hold over 500 units.


The moulds are brought to the surface by the management system and arranged on the casting line. The laboratory processes the chemical analysis of the load, verifies it, and the operators proceed with casting. The induction furnaces and casting line are equipped with a fume suction system. After casting, an automated handling line moves the moulds to the underground storage and cooling plant, which is also equipped with a suction system.


After cooling, the company management system activates moulds movement, bringing them to the surface for the shakeout process. The castings are then shot-blasted and moved to the finishing department for feeders removal, grinding and a second shot-blasting. Fonderia Augusta uses welding processes that are qualified according to ASME BPVC Sect. IX, EN ISO 15614, EN ISO 11970 standards and employs welders who are qualified according to the requirements of ASME BPVC Sect. IX, EN 287-1 and EN ISO 9606-1.


The heat treatment of the castings is carried out in accordance with reference standards and customers’ specifications. Fonderia Augusta has three heat treatment furnaces with a capacity up to 6,000 kg and a maximum temperature of 1260°C.


Fonderia Augusta performs non-destructive tests in several platforms specifically equipped for Magnetic tests, Penetrant tests, Hydraulic tests and Ultrasound inspections. We also rely on selected laboratories for Radiographic checks, PMI and mechanical tests.

Our equipments

  • 2hot box core shooters
  • 3cold box core shooters
  • 5electrical medium frequency induction furnaces with a capacity of 100 a 2,500 kg
  • 1semi-automatic forming plant for moulds up to 800 x 800 mm with two mixers of 6 ton/h
  • 1 6 ton/h mixer for manual forming
  • 1 15 ton/h mixer for manual forming
  • 1automatic mould handling and storing plant with emission suction
  • 1shake-out plant with vibrating sieve
  • 1silica sand recovery system

  • 1chromite sand recovery system
  • 1blasting machine
  • 2sanders for stainless steel
  • 2sanders for carbon steel
  • 1sander for corundum sanding
  • 3heat treatment furnaces - maximum temperature 1,260°C and capacity up to 6,000 kg
  • 2tanks of 12 m3and 66 m3for water quenching
  • 1system for penetrant testing
  • 1station for magnetic testing
  • 1bench for hydraulic testing

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